I thought I was never going to get this 3rd challenge done! I had ideas lurking around in my head for a couple of days before I could summon the motivation to try them out. So this is it - my attempt at using my own background design. The paisley paper started life out as a shirt my mum brought back from holiday for me last year. I just scanned it and then had a lot of fun playing with the hue/saturation layers in Photoshop. I think I may have solved all my future problems of not having the right paper in the right colour! But I also think that Michael is only disappointed that I now have another reason to fiddle on the computer for hours on end!


I may have got a little carried away with the travel stickers and rub ons, but hey, we don't get to travel much and a girl has a stash to use up if she wants to buy anything new!

On a totally different subject, we had a 3rd family outing today, to the North coast. Sun, sea and sand was what we were promised. Cloud, drizzle and sand was what we got. With a lot of stuffing our faces at Morelli's and various other establishments. And the odd tantrum/crying for no apparent reason thrown in for good measure. There are photos of the whole escapade which I shall post tomorrow for the benefit of my parentals who have gone on holiday for a week and are afraid of getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing the boys!