my loves

I have such mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. From the anxiety of much younger days when I pretended I didn't care if I got a card or not (when really I did!), to the frustration of the pink and red hype and overpriced flowers and chocolates that have been on the shelves for weeks and will be a fraction of the price again tomorrow. Typically, we aren't big celebrators of it in our house, but I thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share a few photos of the people who have my heart.Last summer, we asked Gillian and Tim of Gather and Tides, to capture our family on one of our favourite spots on the north coast - it was that day we will all remember as 'Hot Tuesday', when it actually felt like summer! Besides the whole shoot feeling like we were just hanging out with some great friends, what they captured of us is beyond words. They let us see what love in our family looks like, and that is a gift without price.So I'm happy to leave the roses in the buckets in M&S, and will happily pick up some bargain chocolate treats tomorrow. For now, I'll take these!