Bethany and Mark

I think it would be fair to say that if you're booking an engagement shoot in Northern Ireland this autumn/winter, you've got to accept that it's likely to feature rain. And the only thing to do is get your smile on and embrace it! Which is exactly what this gorgeous pair did in Castle Park in Bangor at the end of November.Theirs has been quite the whirlwind romance and engagement, and the happiness and contentment they have in each other's company was palpable. Even had it been pouring, I am sure it couldn't possibly have had any negative effect on their smiles! I am positively giddy about their wedding next month.If you are planning a wedding this year or next, or you know someone who is, please get in touch for more information about my packages. And keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post about the reasons every couple should book a pre-wedding shoot!