Saturday morning should always look like this

So summer came and went and I didn't blog it. But I did live it to the full and in my book that matters more.In other news, I got a new camera *squeeee*!! To say I am very excited would be putting it mildly. So last weekend I took it for a test drive to St. George's Market. How I love the market! The boys, they love the fish counter (I do not but it affords many photo opportunities!) Me, I love the atmosphere, the coffee, the Suki teas, the thought of owning so much of the amazing local craft and artwork on display. A fine morning out indeed.2013-09-13_0032.jpg2013-09-13_0033.jpg2013-09-13_0034.jpg2013-09-13_0035.jpg2013-09-13_0036.jpg2013-09-13_0041.jpg2013-09-13_0038.jpg2013-09-13_0039.jpg2013-09-13_0040.jpg2013-09-13_0042.jpg2013-09-13_0043.jpg2013-09-13_0044.jpgYes, I do declare all Saturdays should start like this!