life looks like this

You'll be aware that there's a severe lack of photographs taken with an actual camera in this blog post. The same is true of my photo library in general. Not that I'm not taking photographs, but I can't actually hold my camera very well with my wonky poorly shoulder! So I'm having to make do with my lovely iPhone camera, which means that I can then instantly play with the pictures on instagram and hipstamatic. Hurrah! For pretty technology I am grateful. So via the joys of instagram I bring you a collage of what my life looks like this November.From the top:::  a boy who is constantly reading. The Wimpy Kid series has really got him engrossed and he literally begs to be allowed to read more. Be still my heart!::  bare branches against an autumnal blue sky. So very pretty.::  this sign was at the sideline of the football pitch where Patrick was playing. Not sure what would happen if one did cross it, or, indeed, why one would need a safety line at a football match for 8 and 9 year olds!::  shadow photos. They make me smile. Ginormous legs and titchy tiny heads (moreso than usual)!::  heavenly backlight.....*sigh*::  lots of chess. Brought on by a few days of sickness and no school. It is clear even at age 5 that Tiny is going to be the chess champ of this house!::  a coffee trip to the ever lovely Eden Pottery. Their little robin range is my absolute favourite and I am currently coveting the small square dish for some mini mince pies!::  sideline shadow spectating. Love that football has been accompanied by sunshine and blue skies thus far.::  a bit of a marathon of the Twilight movies in preparation of our upcoming viewing of Breaking Dawn at the weekend. I am aware that this makes me seem rather pathetic on so many levels - love of the books, love for Edward Cullen, potential squealing at movie on Saturday, and the fact that I even bothered to take a photo of the tv while I was watching the DVD at the weekend! But I could. not. care. less!!::  very splashy waves on the incoming tide at the weekend. Neither the dog nor Conor could resist them.::  as a result of the previously mentioned waves Oscar needed a bath. So then I decided to put him in his new doggy wrap/bag thing that dries him off super quickly. He hated it but we couldn't resist a photo because he was really rocking the Jedi look!::  and the piece de resistance was the artwork that followed the bickering/shouting fiasco that was our Sunday. I think the pictures say it all (although they don't fully show the constant screaming at each other that the boys were doing or the fact that my ears were practically bleeding!) And I can't help but love them.So life looks pretty good overall right now in this house. How's life looking with you? Please do leave a comment down there where it says 'Leave a comment" - you have no idea how much they brighten my day! And that Facebook likey button won't tell me who actually likes what I've written. The suspense is killing me, and you know you want to!