busy = good :)

Just in case you thought I'd become sidetracked with making sure the colouring pencils are all in the correct order, I thought I'd check in and let you know I'm still here, just busy with life and art and general life stuff!I've really been doing my best to keep creative along with Maegan and the rest of the Creativity Boot Camp ladies the past week and a half. It's been such fun trying new things, sneaking the boys' paint trays into the study and sploshing a bit of paint around. And while it's been fun, it's also been a bit of a revelation in regard to what I know I can do, what I thought I couldn't do, and how much more I can possibly do with just a bit of courage and a whole lot of encouragement! I've thought about my roots and how they have shaped what I do creatively.I've been dabbling with words. I LOVE words, but I don't often take time to play with them creatively. Which could seem pretty lame for one who teaches others about the English language!I have been pretty much shoved out of my comfort zone and forced to turn the camera on myself. This experience nearly tipped me over the edge! I do NOT enjoy being on the other side of the lens and posting images of myself for others to see actually makes me feel a bit sick! But if stepping out of my comfort zone stretches my creativity, then that's what I'll do. This image is merely proof to you (and myself) that I actually did this! Notice if nothing else how tidy the sink looks and how pretty the light coming into the bathroom is! There is more creativity to be shared on another day. I'd hate to bore you with it all in one fell swoop!Art aside, life has been busy. There's been a school trip to Mountstewart to look for mini beasts (note to self: the mini bus on P4 school trips is no place for one who frequently suffers from noise sensitivity!), we've had fun tea out, and the boys have moved into 2 giant cardboard boxes (thanks, Tracey!) I shall leave you with a photo homage to life chez Boyd this past week.