spring in pictures :: day 3

Today we went on a little adventure to Carrickfergus Castle with some of our very best friends. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm loving these sunny days and how much more enjoyable it is visiting places like this in warm weather than it is in fine drizzle, which is usually the case. And from the noise that was coming from the 5 boys amongst the 6 kids today I'm pretty sure they were having a ball as well! After all, it is hard to beat a medieval castle when you're aged 5-7 and have a plethora of plastic swords and axes from the gift shop to wave around as you shout your battle cries! There are loads of canons around the castle. Peeking out of escarpments. Pointing towards Holywood and Bangor (how rude!). Lined up in the courtyard. And at just the perfect height for climbing on! Rumour has it that even the mums may have clambered onto one to have a photo taken, but I couldn't verify that! I love these giant games they have upstairs. It's a shame that there are always a lot of people there and it's impossible to play giant chess or snakes and ladders. But they do provide ample photo opportunities!Our adventure and general busyness these past few days have left all of us feeling grateful, happy and altogether tuckered out. And with more of the same pencilled in for tomorrow it is high time I took myself to bed in preparation. See you back here tomorrow x