some things you can always be sure of

We've had a lot of sickness in our house this past week. Not a lot of fun for those involved. Or, indeed, for those who've had to live with the sickies! But it does tend to provide a certain amount of time which is usually allocated to useful and productive activities, like work, school, cleaning, shopping or tidying. It would be fair to say that much of this time has been spent recuperating, resting and consuming copious amounts of medicines, but I did use a small amount of it to do something I've been meaning to do for months. I documented a bit of our lives. A bit of our lives that remains constant during times of health and sickness. A bit of our lives that, try as I might to prevent it, invades every room of our house. A bit of our lives that means that I am always noting items as I go about my day, and looking for items that are currently lost. And I'm pretty sure this bit of our lives is probably a bit of many of your lives too. This bit of our lives we call Lego.Here we have Lego on the floor of the living room. There's never a day that something made of Lego doesn't find its way to this particular location. It is the prime spot for building new kits with excellent light for reading instructions and a nice amount of space to spread the pieces over for weeks at a time!The living room also boasts an entire shelf full of Lego sets in various states of completion and disrepair. My particular favourites during this photo expedition were the skiier (snowboarding on one ski as one was lost at school) in front of a wedding photo and the intrepid explorer flanked by winged Egyptian mummies on the mantlepiece. They speak so clearly of life right now! We have Lego that resides in the bathroom. There is Lego in the kitchen.The playroom is home to a lot of the sets that are built but not current favourites. That we are considering some sort of storage system just for the Lego simultaneously fills me with terror that there is such a need and delight that the boys count as a favourite toy something both Michael and I played with 30 years ago.And you can always be (pretty) sure that someone somewhere is hard at work building or altering a Lego creation. Even if they are off school sick!Which makes me wonder, is there something you can always be sure of? I'd love to know :){I wanted to give credit for the textures I used in these pictures - it's something I've wanted to try for a while, and what with all this sick time on my hands I thought I'd give it a go. These are freebies from Joy St Claire whose work I very much admire.}