an amazing year

2010 - it's hard to believe it's over already. I find the start of a new year both exciting and a little sad. Exciting for the fresh start and all the possibilities a new year brings. A little sad as the passing of another year is marked and I find time running away from me so much faster than I am ready for it to go. But above all I feel blessed that our year has been so full of family, friends old and new, and downright fun!I've spent much of the day trawling through the past year's photographs and have put together a little slideshow of some of my favourites which represent our year perfectly. I hope you enjoy them, whether you've seen them before or not :)So welcome 2011! I hope you will be filled with as many wonderful memories as this past year. And to my lovely readers, I wish the same for you and your families.Janine xEdited: in response to several complaints the slideshow has been updated to include the photos from my sister's wedding that I couldn't find on my new computer yesterday! With any luck, all familial relationships are restored!