Too cool for school

Too cool. Too cute. Too small! It would be fair to say I'm a little in shock at how quickly school days have overtaken baby days. Surely it was only a few weeks ago that Conor and I spent our mornings with our frineds and their equally small babies at baby massage. It certainly seems that way to me. But apparently that was actually 4 years ago. We appear to have gone from this


to this in an unacceptably short period of time!


Let me show you that again. From this

IMG_0126 copy e-mail 

to this!


And how this happened I have absolutely no idea. So grown up. And with such an amazingly huge knot in his tie for one so young. Like the flattened-with-water hair, it's all about the style!


Really, I have nothing more to say about these pictures other than they amaze me in so many ways. And at the risk of this turning into a tearfest I shall leave it at that :)