time flies


10 years ago ...

:: we got married.

:: it was much sunnier and warmer!

:: we thought being married was easy peasy (ha!)

:: we could nip to the shops any old time we liked without having to arrange childcare.

:: we dreamt of the day we would have a family (or that might just have been me!)

:: we each thought the other was the bee's knees! (we mostly still do!)

:: we had no idea what lay ahead of us.

:: we thought we couldn't be happier - we were wrong :)

Today we....

:: woke early because of the rain beating down on the roof.

:: had 2 small boys clambering over us in bed.

:: spent much of the day ferrying the boys to and from CSSM at church - 3 separate time slots!

:: managed to grab an anniversary coffee at the garden centre.

:: spent a lot of time sorting out car/house/money issues.

:: one of us sustained a pretty bad football injury - as yet not returned from the hospital!

:: still think we are pretty lucky that the other one chose us!

I can only imagine what the next 10 years will bring!!