I've been procrastinating a lot lately. About absolutely everything. Let me give you an idea of just how much procrastination has been going on in my life of late. I have been putting off...

:: school work - like finishing schemes of work, completing reports, sorting out piles of paper etc...

:: ordering a bikini or swimsuit for our holiday. Somehow purchasing something that is going to expose my least favourite body parts to the world at large just doesn't sound like a fun activity!

:: scrapbooking. Which is shocking as it's one of my most favourite things to do in the entire world.

:: taking pictures, which again is rather alarming to a photo junkie like myself.

:: making phonecalls - there are so many friends and family I haven't actually spoken to in person and who I miss dreadfully and would love to chat to, but here it is on the list.

:: housework. Not that this is in any way a new item here on the list of procrastination. I am a firm believer that housework is why procrastination was originally developed and it is where it firmly belongs!

:: dealing with piles of paper all over the house.

And so, you may ask, what have I been doing with my time instead of doing all the things I need to do or even just want to do more than I have been?  Well, that in itself is a bit of a mystery. I'm not really sure at all. I confess we have been watching series 7 of '24' on dvd which can become a bit addictive, but so far we haven't gone over the 2 episodes a night rule. So it can't just be that. My absence here and on other blogs I love to follow has been noticeable so it can't be that either. Which leads me to the rather disappointing conclusion that I've spent an enormous amount of time doing absolutely nothing constructive with my time at all. I must hang my head in shame and do something about this immediately before I allow guilt to take over and make me feel so bad about all this procrastinating that I wallow in it and end up doing nothing at all. Again!

I don't know about you but I find this such a difficult cycle to break out of. There is so much that I want to do and that needs to be done but I don't know where to start. And as my mother will no doubt proclaim in the comments later, I've never been one for using time wisely and having things done on time! No, I'm more of a last minute girl, a trait I believe I inherited from her mother and my aunt and so is not entirely my fault either and yet a trait that goes entirely against my inner control freak and her need to be organised. So you can see the dilemma I'm in! It's such a to-do.

I even spent a bit of time earlier looking up sayings and quotes about procrastination which you might find amusing or even, dare I say it, wise and challenging!

"Procrastination is the thief of time - Edward Young" - I knew that one and it amazingly sums up how I feel at the minute, like time is running away from me.

"Procrastination is opportunity's assasin - Victor Kiam" - see, now I feel like I may have missed out on an opportunity somewhere along the line because I couldn't be bothered doing something at the time. This one isn't helping my feelings of guilt!

"To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing - Eva Young" - now this is the one I think most applies to me. Too much thinking and not enough doing.

I am hopeful that I may be on my way out of this cycle of not doing rather than doing, and so I'm going to just post a few layouts I did last week and then I'm going to go online and order me some swimwear quick

Life is good
I completely adore this photo I took of the boys for the A Moment in Time event in May. If you haven't been to the website to see what was going on around the world at one particular moment you should go visit soon. It's so amazing to see how different people's lives are and what a vast place we live in. I'm also completely in love with the latest ranges from My Mind's Eye!

Patrick was reading me "Greyfriar's Bobby" for his homework a few weeks ago and the light bouncing up onto his face from the book was incredible. Plus the camera was a good foil in this case since it's such a sad story and it has always made me cry (I know some of you will find this incredibly hard to believe hehe!) And I've been wanting to document just how much he enjoys learing. It all came together beautifully, don't you think?

Finally, a quick show of a few photos I took of Michael's cousin's daughter a few weeks ago. We had been waiting for months to meet her and she was just the cutest wee thing.

18 bw



Like I said, just too cute! And now, finally finally, another in my series of funny pictures for a reason I'm not sharing. This one has been posted before but it definitely merits another moment of blog glory!


* If you build it, they will come *