spring gratitude :: day 1

It has been brought to my attention recently that I have been looking at life with a somewhat negative attitude. And much as it pains me, I would have to admit that's probably quite true. Completely unintentional, but true. The last few months have been frought with little annoyances, stresses and inconveniences, all of which have combined to suck the humour and frivolity out of me. In light of this I have decided that it just won't do and I shall have to make amends, especially since spring is doing its best to cheer me on my way with its fresh green buds and promises of warmer days. So this week I am going to try to focus on the blessings. The good stuff that just won't be squashed down no matter how many pupils fail to produce long overdue coursework! My spring gratitudes. Today I am grateful for...

:: a pile of Country Living magazines on the staffroom table at lunch. I have no idea who left them, but I have very much enjoyed a flick through some of them this evening.

:: the joyful enthusiasm of the boys when they want to show me something they've done or made.

:: only 2 more days of school before I finish for the Easter holidays.

:: unexpected gifts from the science department - I hope to put them to excellent use over the holidays :) 

:: where we live. It's still a novelty to me to be able to walk less than 10 minutes and see this.


Blessed indeed. It really doesn't take much to make you forget the stuff that gets on top of you. I suppose sometimes you just have to make the effort to notice it and then enjoy it. 

So what are your blessings today? I dare you to leave a comment telling me, and I bet you feel all the more blessed for thinking about it and noticing the good stuff!!