10 things

It seems I'm in the middle of a rather busy patch right now. School is busy frantic. Patrick has a crazy social life, way more so than mine. Although that really wouldn't be hard! Michael is working a lot of overtime. Conor is pushing the boundaries, and then some! And there is much wedding dress hunting to be done with my sister. So in the midst of the busyness, and spurred on by several blogs I'm reading at the minute, I thought I would take the time to pause and think about the lovely bits of life that I so often overlook and share a list with you. A list of goodness if you like. Let's begin, shall we?

1. The sun has been shining for the past few days, and it is nothing short of glorious. Even Patrick says so!

2. One benefit of sunshine is being able to open the back door and tip the boys out there! Cricket is apparently an all year round sport!

3. A favourite blog of mine has a fab giveaway today! Lisa Leonard, who makes the most beautiful hand-stamped jewellery, is giving away this gorgeous necklace. Oh how I hope I win one! And if I don't, one of you could perhaps email Michael a link to the store with a gentle comment about Mother's Day.

4. Daffodils bought for me by my in-laws - a little bit of spring for my hall table.

5. School may be frantic, but it's all the nicer for the return of Sheila after her shocking ski fall and pelvis fracture! Love her :)

6. Being part of organising a wedding without any of the stress and hassle, because it's not my wedding! I've been having lots of fun watching Lesley try on dresses galore, but am starting to worry that it won't be long before I have to step into a posh frock myself - not so sure my winter blubber is ready for this just yet!

7. Girls' night on Thursday. I do so love the monthly get-togethers with 6 fab friends, the chat, the food, the laughter and the not-so-occasional tear. Because if you can't share all this with your girlfriends, it's not really worth sharing at all. And I always feel so amazingly uplifted after a night with them. Girls totally rock!

8. Rows of Easter eggs on the supermarket shelves. Mmmm! They look so good, and so far I have resisted the temptation. Must....resist....for....operation.....bridesmaid.....dress.....! (see point 6 above!)

9. Lots and lots of amazing blogs to read out there. I've added some new ones to my sidebar over there recently. You should check some of them out if you haven't already. So much to inspire and encourage. And who couldn't use even a smidgen more of that?

10. A finished scrapbook project! I know, you thought I preferred the half-finished kind. I am so pleased with this one that documents our week in Bushmills in 2008.







Now tell me, what are you loving right now?