Em, where is our snow?

For the second year running I find myself becoming more and more obsessed with the weather. And not because it has snowed so much that we can't get the car out of the driveway. No, I am obsessed because we have ZERO snow in our driveway! For weeks now I have patiently endured the postcard images on TV as every news broadcast describes in detail how Britain is in the grip of the worst winter for 30 years. I have watched more sledding than the BBC will show on the winter Olympics; looked on in amazement as people wade knee deep in freshly fallen snow; marvelled as the reporters have held rulers against the stack of snow on a car roof and wondered, along with the rest of the nation, what will actually happen if we really do run out of grit! I have wished and I have prayed. I have given myself a crick in my neck gazing upwards and willing clouds of snow to gather in the bright blue sunshiny sky! And all for nothing more than the odd skiff which quickly turns to ice, and then lingers in the driveway just waiting for the moment I step on it and upend myself in a less than graceful manner!

So I have no snowy pictures to share with you - but you won't have to venture too far into blogland to find those. Even Sheila, who lives a mere 12 miles from me, had a fabulous snow day yesterday! No, I only have frost pictures. Which are very pretty. And, indeed, the lack of snow makes them special in themselves!

Frost 1

Frost 2

Frost 3

However, on the bright side of our meteorological misfortune, it is quite possible that Patrick's day might not have been as exciting as it was today. Mini rugby had to be moved indoors due to frozen pitches for the second week in a row, and it coincided with the Six Nations and Triple Crown trophies stopping off for some photo opportunities. All very exciting for a 6 year old (and his family and friends!) Never one to miss a photo opportunity we arrived good and early for our turn. I'm going to hang this picture in his room to keep him focused on his future as a professional sportsman!

Rugby trophies

Triple crown

To top it all off the teams had their photo taken for the local newspaper - no prizes for guessing who had their grubby mitts on the Triple Crown! We all await this week's Spectator with much anticipation (copies to be forwarded to several special blog readers who will be chuffed to see future Irish rugby hands on the trophy of glory!!) 

I will leave you now to go and check if any snow has fallen yet and then to watch the new series of CSI:NY to discover which of the team survived the drive-by shooting at the end of the last series. Personally I don't think it looks good for either Lindsay or Danny!