Christmas questions

1. Where does the day go to?

2. Why did we even bother wrapping so many presents?

3. Was all that chocolate and mulled wine really necessary? (this one's rhetorical!!)

4. Did we focus enough on the important things?

5. What happened to exciting Christmas tv?

6. Why don't we gather as a huge family more often in the year?

7. Should we buy more chairs so that they all match next year and no one has to bring their own?

8. How come there's always one present left under the tree?

9. How can I keep the boys small so that there will always be this wonder and joy over it all?

10. How are we going to wait another year to do it all over again?!

These are just a few of the questions that have been wandering around the conscious parts of my brain the past few days. Clearly there are more pressing ones like where in the name of goodness are we actually going to put Conor's train set? Or at what point should we start eating normally again at the table with cutlery? But these can wait maybe another few days, until the start of the new year when I can actually find the will to do anything constructive. For now I am more than content to linger on the settee eating more Roses and watching the few good programmes we recorded over the past few days and allow the festive feelings to continue to wash over me! Before I go back to doing just that, let me share a few photos from Christmas Day. It would be fair to say that Lego, trains and cricket accessories were the big hits of the day! On a side note, I took 123 photos of all the people who were part of our day, and Michael took 3 of me - I am trying to be grateful for those 3 but given my 'just out of bed' hair and bright red dressing gown I'm thinking a tripod and the timer are the way forward for next year!






Now enough about our Christmas - how was yours?