five, six, pick up sticks

What is it with boys and sticks? Conor is always on the lookout for a really good stick. One that will withstand much trailing on the ground, poking at stones, banging off walls and railings and general waving around! Such sticks are few and far between, but when one is found it is brought home and loved greatly until it eventually breaks. I have a sneaking suspicion most of these ones are still lying in the boot of my car along with a heap of dead leaves and the mud covered wellies.


No doubt this little one will be looking for similar sticks before long if it's in the Boyd genes. He is Michael's cousin's son and the closest thing our boys have to a cousin so far. Unfortunately they live in Liverpool and photo opportunities are few and far between so I have to make the best of any occasion that arises. Love his amazing eyes - wouldn't they almost put you in the notion........?

19 bw