Right now


Outside my window :: the remains of the lavender plants are being beaten into oblivion by the wind under a dark and rainy sky.

I am thinking about :: how glad I am that Michael has taken Patrick to see Ulster play rugby while I stay at home in the warmth with Conor!

I am looking forward to :: my evening of girly fun with the ever fabulous Sheila - it will include Chinese take out, Strictly Come Dancing, wine, scrap chat (possibly not much actual scrapping!), and much ooohing and aaahing at online loveliness!

I am thankful for :: the arrival of the half term holidays and all that we might do.

I am wearing :: a toasty warm knitted hoodie, jeans and boots - Fat Face, of course!

I am creating :: lots of layouts in my head! They will make it to reality one of these days.

I am going :: to finish folding the laundry after I finish this post.

I am reading :: classic Agatha Christie's Poirot - 'Five Little Pigs'. I've loved her books since I was a teenager and have been in a bit of a retro love affair with them since I had the flu. He's so clever, that Poirot!

I am hoping :: that there will be a few dry days this coming week since it rained through most of the summer holidays. Surely we deserve to enjoy the last of autumn before the bleak mid winter sets in?

I am hearing :: lots of cries of "A STRIKE!!!!!" from Conor who can only get a chance on the Wii when his brother isn't here. He's super enthusiastic which is amazing given his total exhaustion after his first half term of playgroup. I sense a melt down when we have to switch it off!

One of my favourite things :: leggings. Think I may be on the cusp of the age barrier for these, but love how toasty my legs feel in them on these chillier autumn days.

Some plans for next week :: chilling out at home, finishing that book, creating stuff for myself and with the boys, a trip to W5, catching up with the Stronges, and finally making a blind for the landing window.

Some favourite photos from the past couple of weeks ::


:: the Giant's Causeway is just amazing every time we go.


:: this one is just growing up far too fast *sniff*


:: the obsession with trains continues.


:: how beautiful is the colour of this rose?


:: love that he spotted the texture of this tree!


:: my oldest friend from playschool with his adorable first baby daughter. Love them.

Have a great weekend :)