So about the pig races

We happened to be in York when the Ebor races were taking place, but where's the novelty in watching horses race, I ask you? The fabulous G & R took us to The Farmer's Cart for lunch and the alternative E-boar races for an afternoon of hilarity and cheering on our pigs. Perhaps not so dignified as the racecourse and high heels would definitely have been a no-no, but for entertainment I would defy you to beat it!

As I said, high heels were best left in the car, and those of us with new crocs opted for those instead.


Whislt waiting for the races to begin, there were tractors to be sat upon, for those so inclined.


And then there was the racing. We chose our pigs carefully - none of your choosing by which jockey has the prettiest shirt (oh yes, there were little velcroed jockeys on the back of the pigs!) Form was checked as was the going.


Then we took our places on the bales of hay and sat back, ready to see if we would win a chocolate!


An unconventional afternoon to say the least, but all round family fun was had by all!

Now, I don't want to cause anyone to go into cardiac arrest by my posting almost once a week at the moment, but I have also created 2 layouts this week! Is it too much for you to bear if I post them now? If you think it might be you should return to your homepage immediately, but if you think you can cope, scroll on down and check them out.

As I said in my last post, Conor excelled at the driving school in Legoland, and given the amount of vehicular stash I have accumulated, it would have been rude not to have combined the two.

Little Lego Learner 

And if one phrase could sum up our summer it would be Patrick asking once again (in case we hadn't heard him the previous 19 times) 'Will you play cricket with me?'

Cricket crazy 

I am almost afraid to say it in case I put the scud on it, but I feel like I'm getting back in my creative groove. Who knows what the weekend will bring? Especially if the weather actually delivers the rain we've been forecast. Again!!