It seems to be true. There is no way to stop time. And so 5 year olds turn into 6 year olds. And mothers are left in shock because yesterday the 6 year old was a baby.

Not any more. No more babies.


The day had been much anticipated (almost as much as the day the wobbly tooth finally falls out!) with the obligatory sleeps countdown and a lot of speculation over the presents which might be received. Needless to say that given the amount of Lego which has newly arrived in our house, there was no room for disappointment!




Lego and cake - perfect when you're six!


Without boring you with the hour by hour details of the day (you can only mention building Lego so many times in one post, you know) let me assure you that it was busy, full of all the people we love, and resulted in at least one very tired and happy little boy. Who isn't quite so little any more.


As an aside to those of you who get bored on a daily basis because of my irregular posting, can I just say thank you for sticking with me - I really do mean to post more often but so many things take priority. But I have very cute photos to come in the next few days along with some delectable pics of my A-MAZ-ING new study (it should really be a studio but no one around here is buying that name!) If I haven't posted them by the end of the weekend you may leave as many rude comments as you like!