Good Friday? I think so :)

Surely it's not the Easter holidays if you don't pack in a few hearty family activities, and so that's what we did today. In a dramatic about turn, the weather changed from storms and downpours to calm and sunny - perfect for a spot of (v amateur) bird watching at Castle Espie. It's only a short jaunt from our house and the boys have been hankering after a trip there for a while, and since we're total pushovers with them anyway, off we went. It's been a long while since either Michael or I have been there, and if I'm being truthful, I don't really get the whole bird thing - the Young Ornithologist Club wasn't one I was a member of at primary school. Now I'm sure I've already offended one or two of you with that statement so if anyone feels they could enlighten me I'd be much obliged! Anyway, the birds were indeed plentiful and lovely.


And I have new love for my camera and felt it needed a workout today as I had a photo session postponed at the last minute. So I let it do what it wanted. And it worked out pretty well. There were some really interesting outlooks and objects just begging to be photographed. Lots of lovely springtime textures as well. I felt altogether artistic (and just a little bit cool!) snapping random shots. Like this upturned boat. It would have made a perfect spot for a family portrait if it hadn't been for the half dozen diggers and miles of muck directly behind it, so it shall remain a random shot of a boat!


Also loved the look of this pile of logs. But cross an artistic shot with 2 boys who have been housebound for 3 days and you get this!


When we stumbled across this massive tractor tyre there was really only one option for taking a picture. If you know Conor in person you will recognise that this shot speaks volumes about his life. Wheels. It's all about the wheels. And the bigger, the better! We might need this enlarged and framed.


So how do you top that? Well, with giant buns, of course!



Family adventuring was swiftly followed up by the delivery of a few eggs from the Easter Bunny (now there's a topic you could do a whole post about! I mean, really, a bunny? With presents? You're kidding me!) along with a note explaining that Mummy and Daddy had cut a deal to be able to give an Easter present themselves for once! And so ensued a game of hot and cold (just the most fun on any day if you ask Patrick) which resulted in a lot of building for the rest of the day. Jo, can you spot the similarities?!


They are now all complete and sitting on the boys' dressing table in the hopes that we might steal an extra half hour of sleep in the morning while they play happily. See, if you believe it will happen, it might just happen! And we need the rest as we have a big family bbq tomorrow for my uncle who is visiting for a few days. So the family busyness will continue, and the camera will have lots to capture. I hope you have a lovely weekend too, whatever you have planned:)