Doing something funny for money

The camera has been having a lovely winter rest for the past few months. And I get the feeling that all the people I live with have been pretty relieved not to be having their every move documented for once. I've even rather enjoyed it myself, not feeling the need to capture everything for posterity and then spend ages wondering whether or not the pictures were worthy of a scrapbook layout! But the brighter weather is a-coming and my hands have been gradually forming their camera-shaped grip and today we did this.

Red nose 

Oh the comedy value of the Red Nose! We are very much looking forward to a day of laughs tomorrow, particularly Patrick who has carried his red nose with him since he got it and gets to wear it and something red to school tomorrow. I am especially looking forward to Conor laughing again - apparently his laugh fell out of his nose along with the excess mucus of his itty bitty cold this week. Today he was definitely not funny! Here's hoping. Enjoy your laughs :)