7 things

So Jo also tagged me a couple of weeks ago and I have been procrastinating over which 7 random facts to share about myself. I suppose if I'd just asked Michael he could easily have furnished me with at least 7! Anyway, prepare to know me better!

1. I was once pictured in our local newspaper doing splits on a gymnastic beam - I think I could have been quite a good gymnast if I'd had any motivation and could have got over my fear of the asymetric bars!

*eta - sadly the splits is no longer part of my repertoir!

2. I have a deep longing to be a dancer! Maybe it's a latent gene left over from the gymnastics days, but if I could find somewhere I could learn all the High School Musical dances I'd be there!

3. I LOVE musicals, particularly the Lloyd Webber variety but I'm also partial to a bit of Blood Brothers, Les Miserables and Hairspray.

4. I haven't a clue about the rules of rugby but will gladly sing 'Ireland, Ireland' quite loudly and then watch a 6 Nations match shouting such advice as "Hoof it up the other end!" I do try to learn the rules from time to time but seriously, there are just too many!

5. I worry unnecessarily about most things in life. Needless to say it's been greatly exacerbated since the arrival of children - I'm sure there's a lesson I'm meant to be learning in here somewhere.

6. One of my favourite ways to spend a quiet 15 minutes is sitting down to the first flick through a new magazine with a cup of tea. The Fat Face or Boden catalogues will do if no new magazines are available!

7. I have lost the ability to enjoy shopping for fun. I would much rather spend my Saturday afternoons with aforesaid magazines or a good book and a steady supply of tea while my boys pester me and inflict all sorts of boy activities on me. Makes for a pretty perfect weekend afternoon in my book.

The whole tagging thing is a great idea in theory if you are popular in the world of blogging or if you are the first one to do the tagging so you can tag all the bloggers you know (like Jo did!) But I am neither of these, and so I tag the lovely Annie and Anna as the only other bloggers I actually know, but I require the following people to leave theirs in the comments - you can't lurk there with no responsibility, you know!

Heather F, Julie W, Auntie E - I eagerly await your responses!

Now I think my post will feel naked if I fail to include any photos so I'm just adding a few from recent sessions that I haven't remembered to post so far.