Create :: a layout or 2

I've been thinking about CREATE a lot this past week, and it has been working its way into daily life quietly and gradually. I have so many ideas for creating I want to do this year and it's fun to begin putting them together. So take a look at my creations so far. There is another layout I promised Sheila I'd do today but it turns out I don't have a good photo of Conor this year so far. I know, shocking! Especially with it being 10 days into January and all! There are photos, but probably not ones he'll appreciate me having documented for him!


I made this mug at Eden Pottery which isn't far from where I live and is the nicest place for coffee and treating yourself to some pottery you were unaware you needed! I went with my friend Debbie on the last Friday of the holidays for some creative and child-free time. The mug does look even better after glazing but I've been too lazy to photograph it since I got it home. I am loving how it looks, and am slightly disappointed that neither Debbie nor I have been asked to work in their studio on a full time basis! Oh well, it'll have to be the photography then.

Santa Baby 

The first of the two layouts I did at Sheila's on our Christmas scrap night. We had such a lovely time at our Mountstewart Santa visit that I had to get it scrapped quickly. Love how it looks! And that I have a healthy stash of Basic Grey Christmas papers that look as good each year I bring them out.

London Baby! 

And the second of the layouts from our scrap night. Just a quick page about my trip to London with Lesley and my mum in June. I'm aware that there's a theme creeping in with the 'Baby' titles - can only assume it's my inner lovey coming out!

I do hope to do more creating tomorrow, or at least take some pictures of the new system for organising the crazy amount of Star Wars Lego and toy collection we have going on around here. Patrick did take a moment out from his Lego Batman game on the Wii to look at said system but was, quite frankly, nowhere near impressed enough with my ingenuity!