Layout a Day :: Day 3ish

Ok, I know it's day 5 but the important thing is not the days but the creating. Besides, it's been very busy round here, what with my mum's birthday and setting up her new blog! (Go on, have a peek and leave here a comment!) Today's layout was totally inspired by the 'Handsome' title I had and a photo of Patrick which is slightly blurry but which just takes my breath away.


And with that I'm off. It's the second part of a very exciting Grey's Anatomy and my sister has come round to help me through it! Lots of bleeding out, apparently. And she has formal dresses for trying on later for the posh do we're going to at the weekend. How very exciting for us! I have no doubt that they'll all be too big and make me look waifish as I'm on day 4 of Weight Watchers and feel like I might start chewing my own flesh I'm so hungry! I'll post photos as proof next week - bet you can hardly wait!