Potty training :: Day 1

After putting it off for months I have finally taken the plunge and dedcided we need to get rid of the nappies. It kind of flies in the face of half term, which is when I'm meant to rest and rejuvinate in order to survive until Chistmas, but in a self-sacrificial move (ha!) Conor's toileting will be taking priority. I have little to report today apart from 2 pairs of wet pants and 2 pairs of wet torusers. Given that we only started after his sleep at 2.45 I can't really say I expected more. In fact, taking the positives, I thought a mere 2 pairs of wet things wasn't bad going! And he did try, wee pet.


And just like his brother, a total refusal to sit on it! Oh well, I suppose it removes one of the steps we'll have to go through!

I meant to post ages ago about our trip to W5 for the Star Wars 'Knights of the Empire - Invasion Belfast'. Patrick was so excited about going to see all the characters from the movies, which pretty much make up his whole world right now. The event was really a (really very professional) costume club who were available for photographs in little sets from the movies - all very good fun. Patrick was instantly overwhelmed by Anakin Skywalker and Commander Rex who greeted us on the way in and refused to have his photo taken. But once we got in and lined up for our photo call he got into the swing of things and was happy to have his picutre taken many times.


All his little chums were there too, so there was much to talk about in the playground, no doubt! He did say to me afterwards, though, that he didn't realise it was just a photo thing - I think from all his chat beforehand about how he was going to fight Darth Vader that he thought it might be like being in one of the Star Wars movies. Bless him!

In scrap news, I have a mini book on the go. I had hoped it would be finished by now, but my printer has packed in and I am too tired to install my exciting new wi-fi one. However, I can tempt you with my Ali Edwards-esque photo of the book in progress! I have really been enjoying the process of this one, partly because it's all for me, and partly because I haven't done a book for ages. Hopefully it will be finished this week, if the potty training doesn't kill me first!


Apart from potties and broken printers, nothing extraordinary has been happening round here - although the boys may say that the paints coming out on Sunday was indeed extraordinary! Some days you just have to breathe deeply and say yes to their need for mess!



And finally, let me introduce you to my new boots. I have been dying to spend my birthday money, but all trips for clothes have ended in tears (don't ask!) So with the help of Lesley in her Trinny & Susannah role, I bought these instead. New boots always make you feel great, I think. And they make all my clothes feel fab and new. I think for my clothes it's a bit like they've met someone new they really fancy so they're making more of an effort to look good!


Righto, that's enough for now, because the Dairy Milk is still in the fridge and I'm missing Daniel Craig on Jonathan Ross. Surely no blog is worth that!