The good stuff

I've been floating gently down to reality and normality this last week after the show, and it definitely feels good. For the past couple of months I've spent nearly all of my own time in the evenings and during Conor's naps getting things done that needed to be done - samples, price lists, new products. And there's been a real sense of satisfaction moving my business on and looking forward to it becoming more successful. Each job done has been ticked off my list with a bright red marker!

But now I feel I can finally get down to doing some of the things that make me, well, me. The creative stuff. The scrapbooking. Reading the backlog of magazines. Trawling blogs. Generally having fun! (Obviously at some point I will have to clean the house, but for now I'm prepared to turn a blind eye!) So tonight I did me some scrapbooking. Got the creative juices flowing again and documented a few more details of family life. So I thought I'd share, while I'm still on the patterned paper high!

This one has been in my head for such a long time. It is no big shock to those of you who know us well to learn that Patrick is really just a mini version of me. And while there are times that I love having a little mirror of myself running around, more often than not it is the negative side I see. All those aspects of my own personality which I would prefer not to have to deal with are staring me in the face in my own son. No doubt it's some sort of penance, given how much it pains me to see him cry because he's nervous about going to a friend's house for the first time, or howling with misery because a tiny piece of a transformer is missing, presumed lost forever.

So like me

And a bit of a random one about us, the Boyd family. Really for no other reason than this is the only recent photo that features all of us, and also because I really wanted to use this paper! The layout is totally lifted from the summer issue of Simple Scrapbooks. Really, why do the hard work when someone already did it for you? I think I love this page :)


I hope to be posting more of these over the next few days - I feel a creative roll coming on!