Some photos

I can explain! I have been absent because my camera has been taking over my life. I am exhibiting as a photographer in the Big into Baby show at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast next weekend and have spent every last available minute getting organised. Had I known the extent to which it would take over my life I might have given it a second thought, but it is my big opportunity to see the potential the business may have. So for that I am excited. The downside is all the fiddly details - getting promotional material designed and printed, getting samples made, coming up with ideas to get the customers coming and dealing with the organiser of the show (huge nightmare that I won't go into!) And on top of that, Patrick has been ill again and off school with a terrible cough and cold, I've been proofing like mad for clients, and of course there's the small matter of my actual real job Monday to Wednesday - such an inconvenience! So I thought I'd post a few pics from some summer sessions to keep you interested (or maybe everyone's already left and I'm posting to myself!) I will definitely be posting again during the week to keep you up to date with the show. If you fancy going it's on Saturday and Sunday from 10-6. Do stop by the stand if you visit:)



28 bw 

12 bw 

Kids storyboard 2 


19 bw 

27 vintage 

IMG_2268 bw 

IMG_2225 bw 



It's a photo marathon, but I think they look good!