Comedy with Conor

Our little 2 year old has recently developed a rather droll sense of humour. I am shocked at his ability to deliberately do or say something silly, especially when mummy is trying very hard to be cross with him for whatever mischief he has been up to. Take teatime just a few days ago. There we were, all very civilised (for once) eating happily and chatting about our day, when out of the blue Conor said 'Shut up'! This isn't new to us, although we're still trying to work out where it came from. Nanny was the first recipient of this sentiment rather unfortunately, but I'm led to believe it hasn't irreparably damaged their relationship! Anyway, after this little outburst at the table I told him that was very rude and bold and that he should not say it again. Patrick was completely horrified with him - he always is when he hears this anywhere. He appears to have a heightened sense of morally acceptable or unnaceptable behaviour! I asked Conor what should he say, and in his best silly voice complete with funny eyes he said "thowwee" and proceeded to howl with laughter at his own hilarity and comedy genius. Michael nearly choked on his mouthful of chicken korma and as I tried to retain a modicum of serious mummy, I had to resort to laughing into my glass of cordial! Shocking behaviour from one so young, and I can only imagine how this is going to progress as he gets older. I fear I will never be able to stay cross with him at all.

In other news, last Friday as I was assisting Patrick with a few things before BB display number 2 (you may well ask!) it did occur to me that Conor was rather quiet. I'd brought him upstairs to get his jammies on so that I could get him down for 7 and have a pleasant hour to myself before Michael and Patrick came home again. After sending Patrick off to the display I ventured into Conor's room to see what he was up to. Did I expect to see him entirely covered in Sudocreme? Not even slightly! Did I expect to see that he had also, rather proudly I may add,  covered Lightning McQueen on his brand new, never been slept in duvet cover in Sudocreme? Surely not! He was as pleased as punch with himself that he had covered only 'Ligh Gigeen' and not 'Saahy'! What could I do?! My first instinct was to yell a bit about my wasted hour, but I opted for quietly removing him from the crime scene and launching him in the bath to begin the de-creming. It's oil-based, you know, just in case you find yourself in a similar predicament at any time! (Sheila - I fear that this is something Conor may try to telepathically communicate to Cameron!) Kids, eh!

Right, now that I've shared my amusing stories, I'm off to bed with my poorly limbs. It will no doubt amuse some that I've begun running - 4 times in 2 weeks and getting better each time. After 2 years of waiting for my pre-children body to return to me overnight, it seems I will have to take drastic action and exercise. Not for the faint hearted I can tell you, but tonight I think I found my stride (or some other technical term I'm unaware of). So I shall post just one image from a recent session. I may return over the weekend, or I may not - it's a mystery to us all. Have a great weekend x