Best & worst

I've been thinking a LOT lately about being a mum - the good bits and the bad bits. It's been fairly up and down at Casa Boyd this past week or so and at this point I feel pretty drained. Lots of sleep deprivation thanks to a Conor cold and then just Conor being Conor! Patrick is exhausted with BB activities, school and a weekday birthday party (after a school outing to a farm for added tiredness!) and tiredness+Patrick+mummy=no one very happy:( The past couple of mornings have been pretty traumatic leaving him to school, just a special treat for me I suppose! So there was nothing else for it but to do a layout. I'd been checking out Jamie Waters' blog just before I did it and it's pretty obvious! Not my usual linear style and more patterned paper than I can usually cope with but it's my favourite layout of the year.


I also managed to complete Ali Edward's weekend creative challenge this week too - shocker, I know! I decided on Mother's Day that I wanted a photo of all 4 of us, one of me and the boys and one of Michael and the boys. I got the first! But I was pretty chuffed to get any given how long it took to set up and get the timer on the camera working! It's a very different layout to the one above and I'm not sure how 'me' it feels. Struggling with the lack of colour, but I think I like it. If nothing else, at least my grandchildren will see how we looked as a family!


In other news:

Michael arranged for a decorater to come and do the front room (painting as I type) despite having no colours picked. Now we have two whole rooms of stuff lying in the hall, landing, kitchen etc. If health and safety call we're stuffed!

Patrick has his first BB display on Saturday night. Not overly excited about the 7.30 start since he's usually in bed by then, but super excited to see him do his thing! Will obviously post photos later.

I went to see Westlife in the Odyssey with mum and Lesley last week. I couldn't claim to be their biggest fan - don't even own one of their cds, but there's no denying everyone loves a bit of Westlife! It was a really good show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And some of those boys are just too good looking for their own good!

And now I'm going to close my eyes for 20 minutes before collecting Patrick from school. I can only hope he's happier than when I left him this morning!