When will it end???

The getting up in the middle of the night, that is! I actually don't think I want to know. Maybe it's better to live in the hope that tonight will be the night. So Conor is back in his lets-just-check-that-someone-can-hear-me mode. This involves several trips down to his room to put his dummy in, wipe his nose and generaly provide the high calibre room service he's become accustomed to. Compounded by the incessant rain on the skylight in our bedroom the only course of action is to use earplugs! Tonight I intend using them from the outset. Too bad if anyone actually needs me - I am unavailable! How much simpler can I make it?!

On that topic, I think I'm going pretty well. I have simplified my school life to doing what I can in the time I have and generally delegating or ignoring all the stuff I haven't got time for. And I also find that it's fairly easy to simply not get sucked in to caring too much about all that other stuff. There are plenty of people who get paid way more than me who can do the worrying about that. Although, more than likely, they aren't worried at all. Therefore, why should I be? SIMPLIFY. It's a revelation!

I really enjoyed this post on Ali Edward's blog - it's a challenge to photograph your one little word in various places over the weekend. I pinched the magnetic letters out of Patrick's set and just placed them in a couple of relevant places. Places I'd like to simplify.

1. Scrapbooking. I've found it really hard for ages to make time to do pages. Too many things to organise. Photos to select and print. Papers to choose. Embellishments to place. This weekend I just found a layout I really liked in the latest Scrapbooks etc and went for it. This is definitely the way forward. I haven't scanned the actual layout yet - will post later.


2. The toys! This will involve careful planning of a storage system, working out all the bits we need, going to Ikea to spend a fortune on it all and then some fun self assembly! Perhaps not simple in its creation, but I know it will revolutionise our lives!


In other news, Conor is now officially a full fare paying passenger on any future flights we take after turning 2 on the 16th. I really can't believe it's been 2 years since he made his debut in the Boyd family life. Time certainly flies. We had family for birthday tea on Wednesday and a small, if rather chaotic party, on Friday. The party was really just to appease Patrick who kept asking if he was invited and if there would be party bags! Selfless to the end! Plus I know from my sister that eventually Conor will want photographic evidence that he was denied nothing that Patrick had, and so I thought I should just go with it!

Img_5956 Img_5957

I've been pretty good too with my photoaday challenge. It's interesting the shots you can find when you make it a habit to carry your camera with you all the time. We went for a walk a few days ago just before tea. Admittedly it took us an inordinate amount of time to walk a relatively short distance, but it was worth it for the photo opportunities. I'm uploading my daily photos to the flickr site, but my sister has revealed that unless you have a bt/yahoo email account you have to register. Time will tell whether my blog stalkers go to the bother of creating one, or whether in the end I shall also put them on an album here. I'm sticking with flickr for now just because I love the interactive badge at the side! One photo I thought was worth sharing, though, is this one.


It's hard to resist comedy shots when they're begging to be taken! Hope you have a good week:)