Missing in action?

It's beginning to feel a bit like that around here! Every day I think I'll get a chance to post something and everyday I clamber into bed exhausted after watching too many CSI episodes again. I am also completely engrossed in Harry Potter at the moment too so there are many things distracting me from the blogging world. And after this post I'm pretty sure my mum will want to know what's going on and why there have been no holiday updates! Truth is, it's too painful looking at the holiday photos at the moment, especially in the rotten rain that's been on and off for the past week. I shall try to put some holiday stuff on soon.

This post is just random photos from our little lives right now. The big news round here at the minute is the school uniform which we got for Patrick last week. This was something I was a bit worried about, Patrick being the sort of boy who likes to choose his own clothes! But surprisingly the uniform has been a big hit. So much so that he sported his tie with his t-shirt the whole day we got it! How cool does he look? It's all a bit Busted, but I always did like them!


We're also pretty into picnics round here at the minute. Any excuse to get out the cocktail sausages and some crisps and call it lunch! But it rained last week so we did this....


And Patrick took these. Both gorgeous in their own way!!



Ok, these next few photos are for Jo and Sheila, but I would be appreciative of other scrappers' thoughts too! It has been a source of amusement to Michael since we moved that I refuse to call the study anything other than the studio, so last week I took steps to make it such. Round came handy Jim (aka my dad) and out of the garage came all the tools and up went the notice board, cool shelf, magnetic strip and rail. Now I've been very excited about the prospect of the rail because I've long wanted to hang up my stickers and rub ons etc. That way I can see what I have and use them. So you can imagine my excitement when I got a chance to sort them out at the weekend. Now they look like this.


The only thing is I'm actually rather shocked at the amount I have and at the number of sheets that haven't even been opened! Can you help me out here? Am I being paranoid or is this way too much? I think I'm going to have to set myself some challenges to use some of them up! If you can make me feel better by telling me this is nothing in comparison to your stash, go right ahead! In fact, show me pictures! The rest of my little studio area looks like this at the moment but I hope to get more done later this week. Check me out with works in progress on my desk! So not the norm!


Love these layouts about our holiday - will post them properly when I get a chance (or a new scanner!) 


And look at this great little cabinet my aunt bought for us (me!) as a housewarming gift! The perfect little spot for bottles of paint, cute jars of buttons and ribbons that need to be on display!


Wow! And now the guilt of not blogging is gone!