Glorious day

It honestly felt like summer was just around the corner here today. The sun was out all day and it was warm enough to be out in short sleeves this afternoon. I know that this will particularly gall my sister who is in York visiting friends for the weekend and who told me earlier that they were wearing hats and gloves! We, on the other hand, took a walk down to the beach. This is why we moved here:)



And I think my favourite shot of the day was this...


Today's other major event was our trip to the Big into Baby show at the King's Hall. It's one of those events that has exhibitors from Huggies to interior design to clothing. I went mainly to see what the photographers had to offer, and I have to say they were genuinely impressive. So I had better keep up the practice! However, the highlight was that Patrick was brave enough to get his face painted. He has shied away from this kind of activity up to now, so I was really chuffed that he waited patiently in line with Nanny (bless her for coming with me and doing general childminder duties on her day off!) for a good 20 minutes. The end result was this.


How cute is that? He kept it on all day and I pretty much had to bribe him at bedtime to get his face washed! He ran round all day doing Spiderman 'stunts' and pretending to catch us in webs! We loved it but Conor was less than impressed!

A thoroughly lovely day in the Boyd household (obviously ignoring the continued whingeing from tiny - it's just assumed at the moment that he isn't in great form, poor little lad). So how was your Saturday?