Nanny and Grandpa bought Patrick the most amazing Lego knights' castle for Christmas. I actually think on Christmas Day it was Michael who had the most fun building the castle, but since the rush of Christmas has passed, Patrick has played with this so meticulously. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would never have expected a 3 year old to talk to me so intently about the good knights and bad knights, making sure they're wearing the right armour and holding the right flags. Nor did I expect such a vivid imagination - he instigates little fights between them all, including the horses, who have a much more vital role in medieval battles than I had previously thought!! Shows what I know!


I could watch him play this for hours. He gets so totally engrossed in his own little world, and I can hardly think this amazing little boy was my tiny baby just a few years ago. He is just a total joy (most of the time!) and I'm so thankful we get to keep him:)



As for the other one, he wants to feed himself!



'Nuff said!