To resolve or not to resolve...?

That's one of the questions I've been asking myself today. Should I resolve to do x, y and z and heap pressure on myself to achieve something, only to feel guilty in a fortnight when I've still achieved nothing? Or should I not bother, thereby putting no pressure on myself to achieve anything in particular, and gaining a huge amount of smugness when I actually do something I'm proud of?

Any help here would be much appreciated!! I'm thinking option B looks good for now, although I really must resolve not to eat so many crisps in one sitting again after suffering terrible heartburn all day today! Oh well, it could have been worse:)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We had a great time with family and catching up with friends who were home for the holidays. Santa was very good to everyone, although both Patrick and Conor were blighted with coughs and infections galore (nothing new there then!) Antibiotics all round, and an extra glass of wine for mum to help her cope, hurrah!!

Anyway, this is just another quick post with some pics. Glad to say I have actually done some of my lovely Christmas book - thanks mainly to Annie's promise of wine and chocolate ha ha. And a few faves from Christmas day - no tinkering with the photos, just to show you that I do take snapshots too!

Happy New Year:)