I could eat him up!

Seriously, I could! He is just the most cuddly, smiley, gorgeous bundle of baby. Now I know it seems like I might be biased, but I would challenge you (if you actually could) to pick him up and not instantly agree. If he wasn't asleep right now, which I am thankful for after another rubbish night with him, I would interrupt this post and go and cuddle him right now! Just look at him...



He's just too yummy for words!

On another note, I've been meaning to post this picture of me beside one of my storyboards for ages. This is one I did for a friend of her family and new baby. It's 5' wide and 2.25' deep and it hangs on the first wall you see when they open their front door! Better advertising couldn't be bought! This is me lying on the floor beside it to give you an idea of the size (not one of my better shots,but it serves its purpose).


If you fancy one for yourself, you know how to find me! Have a great weekend :)