A few thoughts

I've been thinking a lot lately about how difficult being a parent can be a lot of the time. Nothing new in this thought, but sometimes I look at Patrick and Conor and wonder how two such gorgeous, perfect children can make me so angry or reduce me to tears just as easily as they can make me smile. I often feel riddled with guilt because I've shouted at Patrick again, or because I have a million different reasons why I can't come down on the floor and play airports right at that moment, or because I've had to leave Conor to cry again while I deal with whatever crisis Patrick is having. So I thought I'd put it on a scrapbook page. I mean, why should they grow up thinking that this was all a barrel of laughs?! And if nothing else, any future wife they may acquire will not need to ask the same question because it's all laid out in front of her!


This is my layout for challenges 4 and 5. I'm clearly cheating by combining two challenges, but I doubt Annie will kick me out! I'm really pleased with how this turned out - I love this picture of the two of them and it totally contrasts with much of the journalling. (I'm not typing it out for you - if you're that interested you'll have to just crane your neck!) Not all negative though. I did finish off with all the great things about being their mum - promise!!