Not so sure about this one. This is my page for Ann(i)e's challenge #2. The challenge was to cut a photo on an angle and use triangles of paper as a background.


I have learnt several things about myself (and my style) whilst doing this, and I'm not sure any of them are good!

1. I don't do angles very well! I couldn't just put the paper in the trimmer and cut -oh no - I had to measure each piece exactly. Clearly the control freak within won this time!

2. I hate it when lines don't meet up. Thank goodness for ribbon to hide the gaps!

3. A change is not always as good as a rest! I spent way too long on this for it to be just ok in my mind and will no doubt regress to my simple style very soon.

Well it was a learning experience if nothing else. I've looked at some of the other pages for this challenge and they are pretty amazing.

Anyway, that aside, today we decided to have a great family day out. Our plans to go to the North coast, however, were thwarted by Angie the weather girl using the word 'autumnal' twice in the forecast yesterday. So we went to the Ulster Museum before it closes for refurbishment. Apparently this is a bad thing to do so soon after visiting the Louvre! It brought back some shocking memories of primary school outings as it hasn't changed a bit since the 70's! But Patrick liked the dinosaurs so that's really all that matters.


This is his scary dinosaur face!


Next time we will do more research before setting out on an adventure!