Challenge #1

A fellow designer for TSBM set us a challenge based on Ali Edward's new book about using patterned paper more effectively in scrapbook designs. Check out the challenge on Annie's blog - you can get there by clicking on the link on the left. There will also be links to other people's designs on there too. This is my first page for the challenge using 6 scraps of patterned paper and 3 photos. It sums up my whole experience of pregnancy both times in that it just wasn't what I was expecting (also a good pun don't ya think?)Journalling says: 'swollen ankles...heartburn...sore back...sleepless belts...physiotherapy appointments...pelvic pain...special exercises... Obviously I forgot to mention the palpitations, the hives, the lack of clothing choices!!


Annie - I hope this doesn't bode ill for you!

Can't wait for the next challenge. My stash is ready and waiting!!