Conor's Big Day

Today was Conor's christening, and thanks to many prayers, the Lord blessed us with a beautiful day. We were lucky to have so many of our friends and family there to share this special day with us. In the ideal world, all of you would have been there and we know you would have liked to have been there too. But we won't take you off the Christmas card list or anything drastic!

Conor was privileged to be wearing the same gown (also known as a dress but not really manly enough!) that Patrick had worn, and Michael and Joanne before them. It's almost becoming an heirloom. My job now is to have it ready for the day Joanne tells us she needs it!!

Patrick was a superstar at the church - there had been much preparation and talk of how the minister was going to put water on Conor's head and later carry him around the church for everyone to see. But it was still a near miracle that he didn't cry out for Conor to come back! In fact, after Conor had been blessed, Patrick asked me, "Is God going to take Conor round the church now?"  He's too cute, that boy!

After the service, we had a lovely BBQ at the house. Too much food consumed and lots of fun had. It was really a great day. Thank you everyone for your lovely cards and kind gifts - all much appreciated. Individual thank you notes will be winging their way in the next few days!

You may notice the conspicuous lack of pictures of just us Boyds below - it does make it look like Michael and I have fallen out and can't stand to be in the same photo! Actually all the pics of us are on dad's camera, so we'll have to wait until he e-mails them to us. They will be added sometime soon.


Yikes! That was rather larger than expected!