Planes, trains and automobiles

Since Michael has been off this week we've been making a special effort to get out and do some fun family bonding activities. Yesterday Michael took Patrick to Blackwood driving range to hit some golf balls, which I believe was a big success! And today was a whole family outing to the Transport Museum - via Northern Ireland Railways. This was Patrick's first time on one of the 'blue trains' as he likes to call them. He's seen them sitting at the station so often that we thought we should really take him on one. And very impressive it was too! All new and fast! I thought Patrick was going to be sick he was so excited! You can't really tell from the look on his face though!


So we had a lot of fun looking at trains, cars, planes etc. I'm not sure that Michael didn't nearly have more fun than Patrick. And as for Conor, he was barely aware that we were out of the house! Just as it should be!