They’re not tiny for long!

That’s why capturing all that newborn loveliness is so special. Their tiny little limbs, downy soft skin and scrunched up yawning faces are fleeting, and the cocoon you and your new baby live in for those first few weeks is one of the most precious times of your life. It is nothing short of a privilege when a family invites me into their home for a few hours to document the haze of love they are living in.


Each newborn session is totally unique, and my aim throughout is simply to capture some precious moments of that time you fell completely in love with your baby. There will be no props, no babies in baskets and nothing that isn’t part of your new normal.

The priority is, of course, you and your baby, and the session will fit around that. If we need to stop for feeds, changes or just a cup of coffee, then that’s what we will do. I’ll do my best to record all of it so that when you come out of that newborn haze, you’ll have photographs to remind you just how special it was, even when you felt like you would never sleep again!


This is one of the most beautiful times in your life - let me help you remember every astonishing moment of it.