Hi, I’m Janine. This is the only good photo of me as I’m usually trying to cram all my family into a selfie or pulling a face of some sort. These are some of the things I love:

my husband  |  my two sons  |  walking our dog, Oscar, along the beach  |  sunsets  |  a good cup of tea  |  Pinterest  |  Cadbury’s Dairy Milk  |  nature  |  bingeing on Netflix boxsets  |  a nice glass of merlot  |  the way light changes  |  my new desk  |  Apple products  |  the north coast of Northern Ireland  |  Nicholas Sparks movies (I’m sorry, I can’t help it)  |  making things  |  Instagram  |  laughing at my own jokes  |  Jesus

People often tell me I have a different way of seeing things, and when I like to think my photographs show that.  Maybe it’s because I notice details. And it’s details that matter.

Your family is unique and I’d love the opportunity to show you the details that I see through my lens.