The session where I made the baby cry

I like to think I’m pretty good with kids. I’ve photographed plenty, have 2 of my own and I’m a trained teacher. But none of this matters when the baby doesn’t like your face! All you can do is try not to look too hard in their direction and not take it personally, in the hope all will settle down and you can get some shots without teary eyes. So this is the mode I adopted with beautiful Benjamin during our at home session. I was advised not to take it to heart as he does the same thing with his own grandpa on a daily basis! Also, look at that face. You couldn’t help but smile in spite of the tears.

Babies at this age are so much fun to photograph. Mum and dad are long past the days of being unsure of their new little one and the smiles, gurgles and spit bubbles are coming along nicely. It’s a pretty perfect time and one of my favourites to photograph. It’s just…well…joyful! Also, elastic band wrists and dimple elbows are immense!!

Summer sessions are booking up fast, so if you’d like to document a little of family life as it is right now, jump on that contact button up there while there’s still some availability. I promise, you won’t regret it!


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